Creative Media Studio

Creative Media Studio-01.png

Our Creative Media Studio is located in our library in order for students to be able to record and video in a quiet, distraction-free space. We were able to purchase all of the microphones and other peripherals due to a grant from the Lewisville Education Foundation in 2016.

Use of the space is first come first served and you must check in using the QR Code by the Door (It’s a ten second Google Form).

Technology available for use in the Creative Media Studio:

-Snowball Microphone with Podcasting Stand (White)

-Snowball Microphone with Shock Resistant Stand (Black)

-USB to Lightning adapter

-Portable 4×6 Green Screen

-Green Screen Curtain

-Bose Speakers for Audio Playback

-iPad Mount on Oben Tripod with Ball Mount

-Noise Cancelling Studio Headphones


Technology available for checkout (only teachers at this time):

-Oben Tripod