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The Circuit Girls program is a weekly club where girls can meet to complete design challenges, learn from an expert, or complete a group project that will benefit the community. The skills taught and applied include, but are not limited to: coding, app development, circuitry, building structures, and other STEAM skills.

Incorporating computer science, maker programming, and opportunities for girls to build their engineering skills is one way that the grant provided by the Lewisville Education Foundation can help promote technology and 21st century skills at Lamar. “In a room of 25 engineers only 3 will be women” (Chang 2012), we want to help change this. And according to Girls Who Code, a non profit that supports women in technology,  “in middle school, 74% of girls express interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), but when choosing a college major, just 0.3% of high school girls select computer science.” (2015)


Circuit Girls meet every Tuesday in the morning before school and during our advisory period when possible.

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Maker Mondays – Mondays before school. Engineering, Design-Challenges, and other STEMY stuff. Come and explore our makerspace as we code, design obstacle courses for our Sphero family, explore circuitry, and even complete design challenges.



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Brown Bag Lunch Bunch- Come eat lunch in the library on Wednesdays. Just bring me some tater tots. JK. Come and talk to Mrs. Taylor or Ms. Watson about a pass to come and eat in the library.